Rue-L SS19 London Fashion Week - 2019

For Rue-L AW19 London Fashion Week presentation, the audiences was taken on a trip to join the night life in Asia with Rue-L girls.  The set ‘An Evening at a Hawker Stall’  takes inspiration from Wong Kar Wai’s film  ‘Chungking express’ with a Rue-L colour palette twist. 

Dimed light captures the atmosphere, looping backdrop projections of Asian neighboring shops sets the scheme. Dinning table with cheap printed plastic table cloth, plastic stall and tableful of colourful food construct the storyline.

Instead of creating an experience of seeing a presentation, the set was designed to be interactive, with the design of the set , it engage the audience to join the story and experience the story.

The set contains three tables scattered within the space, allowing the audiences to walk between tables, sit down on spare chairs to chat with the girls take a closer look of the collection, eat a fortune cookie along with some colored  bubble teas. 

There is a lot to experience than to see.