Extreme Now - 2020

A new fashion system that integrates physical and digital fashion through the provision of interactive entertaining everyday Identities for the customers — ‘Extreme Now’.

The Extreme Now is not fictional it is our everyday life. Featuring the cultures and memes of the current age.

‘Extreme Now’ has a high-technology mind combined with low-technology methods, to promote the digital aspect of fashion with a core ideology of ‘IEEI’ – a lightweight, humorous state of mind that aims to recreate the norm through the “Extreme Now” lens. This provides an accessible, relaxed introduction to the future of fashion.

Interactive: An interactive experience between body, object, space and the virtual world

Entertaining: On-the-go, hyper-casual game, fragmented entertainment

Everyday: Delicate distorted daily elements

Identity: Discover, celebrate, reinforce your hyper-personal-identity

Creative Team 创意团队: 

YI LIU 刘一